ABIGAIL - Satin Garter

Xoxo Couture Satin garter sets are made with top quality double faced satin, beautiful lace and high quality, stretch elastic. The ABIGAIL Garter feature 2' wide cotton trim in a quaint country style. The satin garter is 7/8" wide, features a double satin bow finished with a small pearl/ rhinestone embellishment! This style garter is available in sizes 16" - 24". These classic style garters are soft, comfortable to wear and make a great bridal shower gift! Gift wrap available :)

**Measuring TIP***
Please note garters must fit snug. Measure in inches where garter is to be placed on your thigh. We recommended to measure between the hip and knee. When ordering select 1 " smaller than measurement to ensure the garter will fit snug and stay up. Fore example: If the thigh measures 19" the order the 18" size garter.

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